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Daleview is a nonā€profit organization owned by its members. The members elect a Board of Directors to act on their behalf.

Nothing happens without members’ participation. Throughout the year especially, during the summer, there are many opportunities to improve our pool and community. Your participation is the driving force at Daleview.

  • Only persons swimming laps will be allowed in the designated lap lanes.
  • Lap lane usage is for continuous, serious full length exercise.
  • Lap lanes are intended for multiple swimmers.  PLEASE share the lanes.  Extra lanes will not be added if room is available in existing lanes, unless manager can accommodate request.
  • If two swimmers are using the lane, they may swim side by side.
  • If three or more swimmers are using a lap lane, they must swim in a loop pattern.
  • Swimmers are encouraged to join lanes with other swimmers who swim at a similar speed, if at all possible.
  • If the pool is crowded, lap lanes may be reduced to one lane to accommodate recreational swimmers - no requests for additional lanes allowed until pool is less crowded.  
  • Lap swimmers have priority of use of lap lanes over lessons.
  • During the swim team season from May through mid-July, the lap lanes are reserved for swim practice, and lanes cannot be added for non-team lap swimming.  
  • Swim team reserves the lap lanes during particular times - please view information boards at Daleview or on side panel of main page for specific dates:
    • While MCPS is in session:  4:15p – 6:45p
    • While MCPS is out of session:  Tues – Thurs 3:30p – 6p & Mon and Fri 3:30p – 6:30p 


PLEASE do your part and keep the grounds clean.  We do NOT employ a cleaning service so please remember to pick up your trash before you leave.


Join our table!   Actually, there are not enough tables for everyone to have their own – so we all need to share our space.  This sometimes leads to conversations, and “did you happen to bring an extra fork” … it’s great!

Yes, you can grill here too!   We have large gas grills – you can bring your food and grill it here.  Please turn off the gas and the grill when you are finished, and clean up after you are done. 

But not in the grass …   we have problems with bugs and pests in the grass.  So we keep all food and drinks out of the grassy areas, except for water bottles. 

Did you say “bottles”?   No glass at the pool, please!  It’s too dangerous.  You’ll see many families with boxes of wine, and cans of beer.

Is that music I hear?  Why, yes it is!  We allow music to be played at moderate levels during peak periods.  We do want Daleview to remain a tranquil retreat, so music should not be heard in the field behind the well or in the area near the deep end (under the trees, next to the shed).  Guards will monitor noise levels appropriately.

We all pitch in --  we hope you will, too!   The pool is a co-operative.  The member families literally own the pool together.  We begin and end every year with a request for help, as we all scrub tables, plant flowers, organize our space, and get ready for a fun summer.  This work doesn't end once the pool opens.  Please do your part to clean up after yourself.  We do NOT employ a cleaning service so leave nothing behind.

Daleview Weather Policy

Summer is the most dangerous season for lightning deaths and injuries.   Nearly one hundred people die from lightning strikes each year, and hundreds are injured.   If you see lightning or hear thunder, you are a potential target for a lightning strike.

Expect a passing thunderstorm and plan for its possibility.  Parents, please discuss contingency plans with your children if the pool is closed when they are there unaccompanied.   Remember, parents are responsible for the safety of their children.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Safety is our principal concern.  Please follow the directions of lifeguards.  We close for thunder and lightning and will stay closed for 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder to ensure the safety of our members.  Promptly evacuate the entire pool, deck, grounds (front and back) and balcony.  Do not wait out the storm in the front yard, as the trees, flag pole and metal border poles can be struck by lightning.

Please note the pool will close when the air temperature has fallen to 67 F degrees or lower. 


901 Daleview Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901

301-434-9555 (In Season Pool Office)

Year Round Mailing Address:  PO Box 3754, Silver Spring, MD  20918 

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