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The Daleview Swim Team is a fun, inclusionary activity sponsored by Daleview.  It is open to swimmers ages 5 through 18 whose families are members of Daleview Pool.  It includes about 10 weeks of daily swim practice (Monday through Friday), swim meets, pep rallies and social events for children who are team members.

Daleview Swim Team members work hard, improving their swimming skills while making new friends.  When they are not busy practicing, swim team members of all ages can frequently be seen playing together at the pool.  If you are interested in signing your children up for the team, please visit the Daleview Feet Web Site.

Swim Team Information

If you are new to Daleview, The Feet are Daleview’s swim team – and one of the original teams that founded the Montgomery County Swim League in 1959.  Anyone who swims (or swam) for The Feet can tell you that joining the team is a really great way to make new friends, improve your swimming, and have fun over the summer.  

Almost anything you need to know can be found on the Feet website:  https://daleview.swimtopia.com/   

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on the website, email Kristy Wallmo kristy.wallmo@noaa.gov with questions about swim team or Jackie Kuchta wachkuch@gmail.com with questions about pre-team.

First Swim Team Practice (and new parent info session):  Saturday May 25, 2019 at 8 AM (8:30 for returning swimmers).  

Swim team is open to children ages 5-18 whose families are current members, in good standing, of Daleview.  There are about 10 weeks of practice (the coaches’ offer both a morning and an afternoon practice M – F to accommodate hectic schedules), Saturday morning meets, and Wednesday evening meets.  

COST:  $115 for first swimmer, $110 each additional swimmer, $55 Daleview Diner option



Daleview Pre Team is a developmental swim team, coached by the swim team coaches and senior swim team members.  Pre-team has about 5 weeks of practice (offered two evenings per week) and have the option of swimming in a kickboard race in the Wednesday evening meets.

Pre-Team is for water safe boys and girls ages 5-7, not certain if they are ready for swim team.  If you're child can swim 3/4 of the length of the pool unassisted, s/he is ready for Pre Team!

Regular pre-team practices run Friday, June 14th thru Friday, July 12th.  Practices on Mondays and Fridays at 6pm.

We love to have our Pre Teamers in our Team Photo!  Friday, June 14th, Spaghetti Dinner and Team Picture at 6:30pm.

Pre Teamers are welcome to all of The Feet social activities, including: Kids’ Night, July 4th Parade, cookout and more!

Pre Teamers are welcome to participate in B-meet kickboard races at each Wednesday home B meet.

To register, go to https://daleview.swimtopia.com/  Under 2019 Summer Registration and choose "Pre-team". Fee is $85 for the first child and $80 if there is another child on pre-team or swim team.   

First Pre-team Practice: Monday June 10 at 6:45 PM

Practice, swim evaluations and parent orientation.  Meet the coaches at the shallow end of the pool.

For more information, contact Jackie Kuchta at wachkuch@gmail.com

COST:  $85 ($80 if you have another child on swim team or pre-team)


If your child participates on the swim team or pre-team you will need to volunteer.  There are many volunteer opportunities - most of which require no training or special experience - and are actually quite fun.  It’s a great way to get involved and meet people, and the team can’t operate without them.  


-Kristy Wallmo & Jerry Hovis, Team Reps

901 Daleview Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901

301-434-9555 (In Season Pool Office)

Year Round Mailing Address:  PO Box 3754, Silver Spring, MD  20918 

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