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Daleview Pool
P.O. Box 11156, Takoma Park MD 20913
(301) 434-9555

Thank you for your interest in Daleview Pool! At this point, with a rapidly growing waiting list, we are taking requests for summer 2019 and beyond.  If you are interested in being on the wait list, please send an e-mail to Donna or Amy at daleviewpool@gmail.com.  We take these requests on a first come first serve basis. 

Each year in the Spring we begin contacting people on our waitlist until we fill all slots. If you are still interested at the time that we contact you, you can submit an application and a check for $665. Be sure to let us know if your e-mail address changes in the meantime.

Daleview offers both full and single-summer memberships. Full memberships become available when a current member resigns. Daleview’s by-laws allow for 325 full memberships. We also offer some single-summer memberships. There is a multi-year waiting list for both summer and full membership.

Full Membership Fees. All full members pay annual dues, based on family size. For 2018 they are:

Household of 2 persons $530
Household of 3 persons $555
Household of 4 persons $575
Household of 5 or more persons $595

When you or your family agrees to become a full member, you will also be billed for several one-time initiation charges, totaling $400: a $100 membership fee ($80 of which is returned when you resign and your membership is filled by someone else); a $100 fee for capital improvements; and $200 in initiation fees. These fees may be paid in two stages: 1/2 the first year and 1/2 in your second membership year. If you are offered and accept full membership, your payment of $665 will be applied to the annual membership and initiation fees described above.

Summer Membership Fees: The annual summer membership fee is $665 per household regardless of size. If you prefer a summer membership because you want to join the pool for only one summer or if, due to a lack of full membership openings, we can only offer you a summer membership, your payment of $665 will be applied to your summer membership dues.

Notification: We will hold your check along with your application until a membership becomes available for your family. Once a membership becomes available, your check will be cashed and you will be notified in writing. If a membership is not available for your family by June 1, 2018, we will return your check. If you want to withdraw your application at any time, please send an email to our membership chair or mail a letter to us.

If you have any questions regarding the membership application process, please email membership coordinators Donna Moran or Amy Zandarski at: daleviewpool@gmail.com

We hope that Daleview Pool will be able to offer you a membership in the near future.

Thank you,

Donna Moran, Membership Co-Chair

Amy Zandarski, Membership Co-Chair

901 Daleview Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20901

301-434-9555 (In Season Pool Office)

Year Round Mailing Address:  PO Box 11156, Takoma Park, MD  20913

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